Wood Structure is a company on the Romanian commercial market since 2009, but starting this year we are the representatives in Transylvania of Mitek Industries, an American company that was founded in 1943 and is a member of the Berksire Hathaway-Warren Buffett group.
We are manufacturers of industrialised frameworks (roofs), everything that includes wooden structures, warehouses, industrial constructions, industrial halls, agricultural constructions, horse-riding arenas, houses, attics, floors. They are called industrialised frameworks, not because they are intended only for industrial halls, but because they are made 100% in the factory and not on the site. Only the assembly is carried out on the site, with specialised teams. The wood is dry and treated.
We can offer a complete, environmentally friendly, fibre- and resin-based insulation system to complete the natural wood structure and to benefit from a green home.

The process of manufacturing the industrialised frameworks