Before assembly, these elements must be transported from the factory to the site.

The design of wooden structures or frameworks is always done by our specialists depending on:
-Access ways (roads and bridges)
-Transport means
-Farm gauge

The use of multi-nail boards as a connection and resistance element allows the beams to be made with lattices with an opening of up to 30 m without intermediate support.

The frameworks with lattices prepared from the factory are easily and quickly mounted on the site. The assembly time of a framework for a single-family house is 1-3 days.

The benefits of the prefabricated system are multiple, among which we mention several important ones:
         It exempts the final beneficiary from the acquisition of the wood material, its drying and treatment
         Money saving obtained from the reduction of wood losses.
         Short manufacturing and assembly time even in adverse weather conditions.
         Removes clutter from the site.