Our company has its own designing office. The engineers take over the projects from the architects, verify them with the help of specialised calculation programs for wood structures, preparing a detailed documentation for the production part. All the elements of the framework are automatically listed in the program with cutting dimensions and angles, which can be sent in printed form, so that the cutting can be done manually or electronically, to the cutting circular with numerical control (CNC).

In this way, high cutting accuracy is obtained, as compared to the cutting of the elements on the site where chainsaws and other manual cutting tools are used.

The programs used are  and 



RoofCon is a program to design the frameworks used to create farms to be calculated with the TrussCon program. With RoofCon we define the geometry of the framework and the characteristics required for the calculation. The program can also be used for projects without drawing the plan of the framework.

The program is very easy to use, starting with a simplified process that guides you to every step necessary to achieve the framework. The basic steps of the simplified process can also be used separately. This makes the program flexible and allows all types of frameworks to be made.



TrussCon is an advanced design program for creating and calculating wooden farms, wooden and metal poles and beams. The program has many types of predefined farms, from the simple ones with ridged roof to the attic farms and inhabitable attic. If these are not enough then almost any shape can be created manually.

The program is easy to use – any changes are made directly to the farm plan. With the ‘click and drag’ option, writing and moving can change the slopes, angles, lattices, cuts or dimensions of a standard farm thus obtaining the desired farm shape.
Each farm has a certain number of uploads combinations and if more are needed then they can be added easily from the many standard uploads combinations. Uploads can be viewed graphically to clarify their position.